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The Kill Point
No season 2 for 'The Kill Point' 
20th-Jan-2008 07:42 pm
'Kill Point sequel dead'

"After hanging in limbo since the first-season finale aired in August, Spike TV's "The Kill Point" has been canceled and will not return to Pittsburgh to film a second season, the Post-Gazette has learned.

The show's future looked rosy when it was airing because it had healthy ratings for a Spike scripted drama and it was a hit with the network's target demo of young men. But not long after it aired, Spike announced a raft of new unscripted reality shows that marked a shift in direction for the cable channel.

A Spike TV spokeswoman confirmed the cancellation, saying, "We are out of the serialized one-hour business. We need programming that we can repeat." Serialized shows tend not to repeat well, although a repeat of the "Kill Point" premiere attracted 1.2 million viewers, increasing the channel's Wednesday night time slot ratings by 69 percent from a year earlier.

Last week, writer/producer Todd Harthan said network executives were excited about the concept for the show's second season after seeing an outline. But he also noted that communication with Spike TV ceased as talk of a writer's strike heated up."


Article is here.

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