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The Kill Point
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6th-Sep-2007 03:51 pm(no subject)
[tv] lost girl

Author: domilie_fan
Title: The Devil's Zoo - Alternate Ending
Rating: R
Pairings: Ashley/Albert and Wolf/Chloe
Warnings: Language and Violence


The show will also star Emmy Award-winning actress Jennifer Ferrin, best known as Jennifer Munson on CBS's As The World Turns. Ferrin also recently starred in the acclaimed miniseries The Kill Point.

Full article here.
29th-Aug-2007 04:57 pm - Ashley/Albert gushing!
[tv] lost girl
I had to make a thread about these two. They are great together and I wished it had turned out better for them in the ending. If you like Ash/Al come on in!

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27th-Aug-2007 09:15 am - "The Devil's Zoo" Discussion
Discuss the two-hour finale of The Kill Point here!
25th-Aug-2007 05:22 pm - Marathon + Finale
Just a reminder that SpikeTV is airing a marathon of the previous episodes before the two-hour finale. Check your local listings.
25th-Aug-2007 03:58 pm - Affiliates
If you would like to affiliate with us, leave a comment.
25th-Aug-2007 03:53 pm - Welcome
Welcome to thekillpoint_tv, a community dedicated to the 2007 Spike TV miniseries The Kill Point.
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